The Best is Yet to Come

The SJSHS Graduation Trilogy

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This trilogy tells the story of the three Bob-White girls as they graduate from Sleepyside Junior-Senior High School—the last of the Bob-Whites to do so.  Each story tells the events leading up to graduation, graduation itself, and the events after graduation, from each girl's point of view.  All stories are Yellow Star, except for the epilogue to "A Thousand Miles."  It contains one additional, explicit scene (not necessary for the storyline) and is rated Red Star.  To obtain the Jixemitri password, please do not email me.  You must email Jixemitri at and state your date of birth.

Yellow StarA Thousand Miles
Diana prepares for her graduation from Sleepyside Junior-Senior High.
Red StarA Thousand Miles Epilogue
Diana and Mart plan a special graduation celebration of their own.

Yellow StarI'll Be There for You
Honey must learn to accept all that being a high school graduate means.

Yellow StarIt's My Life
Trixie is finally free of high school and ready to move on with Jim.

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