The Bob-White girls start out as sweet sixteen in this universe and romance abounds.  Take a step inside to see why this uni is also called "Sappy Days"... (have you had a glucose tolerance test lately?).

This universe is dedicated to Cathy and Jixemitri—originally known as Cathy's Trixie and Jim Page.  As this entire universe was created for Jixemitri, it should come as no surprise that every story will be a Jixemitri Circle Writing Project Submission.

Click on a title to be taken to a story.  The stars near the description indicate the content rating as determined by the Jixemitri Rating System.


Blue Star Saturday in the Park
Trixie, Jim, and Honey spend a day in the park before Jim must return to college.  What will happen when our cozy twosome take a stroll in the woods?

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #1 Submission;  debuted:  August 28, 2001 for my Jixemitri initiation
Word count:  4,779

Blue Star Au Revoir a Jamais
Trixie and Jim have gotten closer than ever.  How will they say good-bye when Jim must return to Michigan State?

Circle Writing Project #2 Submission; debuted:  September 20, 2001
Word count:  8,271

Yellow Star Semi-Charmed Life
What happens when Trixie spends a weekend at Michigan State with Jim?

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #3 Submission; debuted:  October 12, 2001
Word count:  7,734

Blue Star The Blessing Way
Jim is home from college for Thanksgiving and has lots of blessings for which to be thankful.

Jixemitri Anniversary Circle Writing Project Submission; debuted:  November 13, 2001
Word count:  3,444

Blue Star The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Spend Christmas Eve with the Bob-Whites and watch Trixie and Jim spend their first Christmas together as a couple.

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #4 Submission; debuted:  December 21, 2001
Word count:  5,190

Blue Star Lightning Crashes
When two BWGs get caught in a storm together electricity is in the air and sparks fly!

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #5 Submission; debuted:  February 28, 2002
Word count:  2,845

Yellow Star If It's Tuesday, This Must Be Sleepyside: Chapter Three
This was my contribution for the Jix authors' celebration of Jixemitri's Second Anniversary!  It doesn't necessarily affect anything in the universe, but it is (sort of) part of the universe.  Technically written before "Lightning Crashes," it takes place around the same time (March) but debuted after "Lightning Crashes" so I am placing it here.  It is linked to all of the other submissions. 

Jixemitri Authors Special Anniversary Story Submission; debuted:  March 7, 2002
Word count:  2,556
Read the full story (PDF, 704 kb)

Blue Star I Got You Babe
Trixie, Honey, and Dan are off to Michigan State for spring break.  Two of them have a see-crud—how will the other two react?

Jixemitri Second Anniversary Circle Writing Project Submission; debuted: April 11, 2002
Word count:  3,172

Yellow Star Lost Boys and Golden Girls
This tells the story of a square dance, hee-haw overalls, stolen towels, and what happens when Dan and Honey slip away for some time alone together.

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #6 Submission; debuted:  October 17, 2002
Word count:  5,163

Blue Star I Don't Want to Miss a Thing
Brian is back from college for the summer and thinking of what might have been.  What happened during the school year to make his thoughts so serious?

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #7 Submission; debuted:  April 1, 2003
Word count:  7,185

Blue Star Moonlit Enchantment
It's prom night in Sleepyside!  Join two Bob-White couples as they dance the night away.

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project Special Anniversary #3 Submission; debuted:  July 9, 2003
Word count:  3,875

Blue Star California Dreamin'
It's been many months, but Brian cannot forget Lexi.  To what lengths will he go to get her back?

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #8 Submission; debuted:  January 7, 2004
Word count:  3,962

Blue Star Just Another American Folk Song
Brian has acted as impulsively as his sister—what awaits him in California?

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #9 Submission; debuted: February 24, 2004 in celebration of Jix's Fourth Jixanny
Word count:  5,737

Blue Star Blinded by Rainbows
Brian and Lexi visit Crabapple Farm over the Easter holiday.

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #10 Submission; debuted:  September 19, 2004
Word count:  4,318

Yellow StarThe Best is Yet to Come Trilogy
All story links on trilogy page.

 A Thousand Miles
Part One:  Diana is graduating Sleepyside High, and Mart and she decide to make this a night to remember.

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #11 Submission; debuted:  June 8, 2005
Word count:  5,019 (story); 2,857 (epilogue); 7,876 (total)
I'll Be There for You
Part Two:  Honey is graduating Sleepyside High; what lies in store for her and Dan?

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project Special Anniversary #4 Submission; debuted:  June 15, 2005
Word count:  6,952
It's My Life
Part Three:  Trixie is graduating Sleepyside High and thinking of her future with Jim.

Jixemitri Circle Writing Project #12 Submission; debuted:  June 22, 2005
Word count:  4,934

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