Black Jacket Adventures

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When a mysterious boy with a black leather jacket moves to Sleepyside, Trixie is sure a mystery is involved.


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Bobby plunged under the dresser. Trixie watched her friend hurry up the driveway. Brian took the bag and got a sweet smile.
Trixie watches as Bobby looks
for something he "losted."
Honey waves good-bye to the school
bus in anticipation for the weekend ahead.
Mart and Brian vie
for Honey's attention!
Trixie approached the big stables. "Gleeps, now I've done it!" "I know a see-crud!"
Trixie accidentally eavesdrops on Regan. Regan's papers go flying—and
Trixie sees a mysterious letter from a judge.
Practicing for the ice carnival,
Bobby lets it spill about
the "dangerous sperimen."
"Wonder where he left his motorcycle." "Switch blades?  Not us.  Pow!" "Maybe we can spare Spartan for Dan to use."
Trixie and Honey get
their first look at Dan.
Dan impresses the lunch crowd
with his NYC gang tales.
Trixie thinks Regan looks happier
and more relaxed than he has in a while.
"You think I'm lying?" Jim and Brian whipped up hamburgers and hot dogs.
Even Honey's legendary tact can't
stop Trixie and Dan from sparring.
Fun in the Belden kitchen.

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Illustrations by Paul Frame are from the 1961 Cellophane edition of Trixie Belden and the Black Jacket Mystery and are copyright © Random House Books.  Trixie Belden® is a registered trademark of Random House Books. These pages are not affiliated with Random House Books in any way.  These pages are not for profit.