Black Jacket Adventures

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When a mysterious boy with a black leather jacket moves to Sleepyside, Trixie is sure a mystery is involved.


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"We were hoping madly you'd found the watch!" They were dismayed at the wreckage. Trixie inspected the largest booth.
Dan thinks the girls are
calling him a thief.
Someone has broken into the clubhouse
 and wrecked the posters for the carnival.
Teasing each other while building
booths for the carnival.
Mr. Maypenny managed to be very brave. Trixie took a few turns around the ice. "I overheard an argument."
The gang visits Mr. Maypenny
after his accident.
Trixie practices her
routine for the carnival.
Mr. Maypenny gives Trixie
some information about Dan.
"Dan! You've got to help me!" "Thanks Dan," Mr. Belden said. Trixie and Honey glided about the ice.
Trixie needs help from Dan to
rescue Bobby—even if Luke refuses.
A happy crowd after Dan saves
Bobby from the catamount.
The two senoritas perform
their ice carnival routine.

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