Happy Valley Adventures

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Trixie investigates the theft of her uncle's sheep when the Bob-Whites visit Happy Valley Farm in Iowa.


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"I have to pinch myself." A smiling man hurried forward. The girls took out their pretty dresses.
Trixie worries about her uncle's
sheep on the plane ride to Iowa.
Arriving in Des Moines. The girls get ready for dinner.
"Look at the way the snow is coming down!" "Wait! It's dangerous!" "We'll never get them out of here!"
Helping round up the sheep
with Tip and Tag.
The smart dogs lead Trixie
to the missing sheep.
Trying to save the sheep
from sure death in the ravine.
Trixie ran down the farmhouse road. "He's making some sort of signal!" The Rivervale team was warming up.
A package from Crabapple Farm. Trixie spies on Ben in
the middle of the night.
The Rivervale gang shoots hoops!
A tall, blonde girl took hold of Jim's arm. "Follow them, Brian!" Dot looked like a dream. (Blech!)
That stupid Dot Murray
with Jim in her evil clutches!
On the trail of the sheep thieves? That horrid Dot
showing off...again!

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