It seemed like now or never...

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So, one of the badges is the Secret Noveling Badge, where you must "novel while at work, school, or any other place you're supposed to be doing something besides noveling."

I have been very good this year. I have not noveled once while I was supposed to be working. A lot of that is because of apathy toward writing and not any great loyalty to my employer. Plus, I was working hard on a project and figured I had lots of time to secretly novel. Well, I just found out that when I finish the part of the project I am working on (which will be within about the next hour), the hours for the project have been cut, and I am basically unemployed until December 1, unless they can find me another project (which I hope they can!). Finance worries aside, the more pressing NaNo issue is that this morning may be my last chance to secretly novel. So, when I was supposed to be putting the finishing touches on the project, I did a 10 minute word sprint and churned out 510 words.

And thus earned my latest badge.

Secret Noveling Badge

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