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So, I've got two society girls in my NaNovel this year. I know NOTHING about society girls! :) Matt and I were hanging out last night, cuddling with the puppies on the couch, and the show we were watching finished. So, I started flipping through channels and found an E! True Hollywood Story episode called "Society Girls." Heh. I told Matt that we HAD to watch (totally not his cuppa!) for research for my novel. I wasn't sure I'd really learn anything in the 20 minutes of the show that was left, but it was worth a shot.

And I did actually get some insight! AND one of the society girls in my story--well, I didn't like what her dad was currently doing to keep the family fortune alive, and I didn't like what she was aspiring to be when she graduated from college. It just wasn't quite "right". Well, thanks to the show, I realized exactly what her dad was doing AND what she wanted to do, too!


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