Schoolgirl Shamus, Inc. Updates

August 28, 2001

Sapphire Days Universe debuts. The first story in this uni, "Saturday in the Park" debuts as my initiation into Jixemitri. A Jixemitri CWP #1 Submission.

August 27, 2001

Pre-Jix Word Count: 79,046
Shadows of the Past: 65,252
The Disappearing Guest: 12,728
The triX-Files (Prologue): 1,066
Total to Date: 79,046

August 05, 2001

Three new pages in Photo Album: "Coffee with Jenn," "Katrina Comes to America," and "Fredericksburg Trixie Meeting."

Philly Phab Phour! A photo page, memory page, and collaborated fanfic ("Toilet in the Middle of Mayhem") debut to commemorate the adventures of the Philly Phab Phour.

August 03, 2001

"Trixie and Honey's Scrapbook" debuts. This features a handful of illustrations from the American, 1954 British, and German Trixie Belden editions.

"Trixie Belden: The Movie" page debuts with my choices of actors for a Trixie Belden movie.