Schoolgirl Shamus, Inc. Updates

December 20, 2002

"Marilyn Monroe" pagegraphics on redone to look, well, Marilyn Monroe-y! :)

December 13, 2002

Two new pages in the Photo Album: "Lexi-Pooh" and "Holiday Lexi."

December 11, 2002

"Sports Night" page graphics changed to look, well, Sports Night-y! :)

December 09, 2002

The Labyrinth. Kate's wonderfully dark realm joins Schoolgirl Shamus, Inc.! Visit her new home——and discover for yourself how fabulous she is!

December 01, 2002

Blinking Eye illustrations added to "A Treacherous Trip" and "A Queer Coincidence."

Trixie and Honey's Scrapbook complete. "Marshland Adventures," "Bob-White Cave Adventures," "Blinking Eye Adventures," "Cobbett's Island Adventures," "Emerald Adventures," and "Mississippi Adventures" added.