Schoolgirl Shamus, Inc. Updates

October 29, 2004

"The Case of the Mysterious Ghost": New story in the Un-Universe, cowritten with Susansuth, debuts at the Second Annual Jixemitri Fright Night. This sequel to "92 Second Street" is a Jixemitri Circle Writing Challenge #12: Eric's Pesky Poltergeist Writing Challenge and a Jix CWC#8: Jenni's Trix-e-Tron Challenge submission.

October 27, 2004

New FanFic graphics: Redesigned the graphics on the main universe pages (The Un-Universe, Sapphire Days, and First Impressions) as well as the story graphics in Sapphire Days.

October 03, 2004

Updates blog updated to follow style of main index pages.