Schoolgirl Shamus, Inc. Updates

October 29, 2009

NaNoWriMo blog moved to comply with trademark and copyright regulations that ask that no one except for HQ use the term "nanowrimo" in a URL.

June 04, 2007

Photo Album reorganized. Removed Lexi and Cooper's album and added extra links to the two Trixie Conventions that I attended to the main page.

July 18, 2005

Two new universes: Gethsemane and Onyx Twilight. Both continue the story of Sapphire Days. Gethsemane currently has five planned stories and Onyx Twilight contains two stories previously found in Sapphire Days that occur in the future.

May 11, 2005

Reorganized two universes in preparation for some upcoming changes in Sapphire Days. "A Queer Coincidence" and "A Treacherous Trip", written for Janette and Meagan's Blinking Eye Challenge (Jixemitri CWC#1), have been moved to the Un-Universe under Collaborations.

June 11, 2004

Reorganized MT application and associated directories and files.

May 05, 2004

Divided Shadows of the Past, giving each chapter its own page in a separate directory devoted strictly to that story.

April 13, 2004

W3C reorganization complete. Cascading and embedded style sheets now in place wherever possible. The site has also undergone some renovations and changes, including a slightly new look for my main pages. Major revisions include:

Pages deleted: My interests page and my Marilyn Monroe Collectors Plates page have been deleted, as well as my gateway page to non-Trixie interests. The information on Janet Lambert and Sports Night are now directly accessible from the About the Author index page. "Meet the Bob-Whites" page has also been deleted.

March 15, 2004

Changed email address throughout site and added a Javascript technique to prevent spambots from obtaining my email address from my website.

Added separate link to Homages on Author Page. Not only are they more easily accessible, but they fill the void where the One Hundred Things link was.

Deleted 100 Things About Me section of website. I no longer want that much personal information up for public consumption.

March 07, 2004

Reorganized Trixie Camp Coordinator pages. Deleted the original 2002 Trixie Camp information pages I was saving for posterity, as well as the Trixie Camp Memory Book information page. The four pages were replaced with one sleeker page that still contains the same information (and my graphics, natch!).

February 25, 2004

Updates blog implemented. The static html Updates page has been replaced with this Updates blog. Entering almost three years of updates to the tune of 143 entries was fun and only took about 7 hours over a few days!

November 05, 2003

Photo Album and photogallery navigation structure completely reorganized.

October 24, 2003

"German Trixie Belden" page reorganized and more user-friendly.

October 19, 2003

"Sleepyside Cast" page deleted.

October 08, 2003

First Impressions main index reorganized.

March 04, 2003

Complete Website Reorganization. Reorganization bug hit and my whole site has undergone massive reorganization—sorry if there's any broken hyperlinks I missed. Also renamed the Photo Album sub-menu "Fun Times" to "Snap Shots."

January 23, 2003

Photo Album reorganized to include three sub-categories: "Trixie Friends," "Fun Times," and "Alexandria."

August 19, 2002

Website redesign. Graphics on 75% of the pages pulled and replaced by my original, Trixie-themed graphics.

August 16, 2002

Trixie and Honey's Scrapbook undergoes extensive overhaul. Eventually all internal illustrations from all editions will be posted. Currently all that is present is a Scrapbook Index and one page: "Mansion Adventures."