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April 15, 2003

Okay, it's time for the

Okay, it's time for the Tuesday Two, brought to you by your very own...

Um, well, me. :)

I know...you're all sick of surveys. Well, hee hee, not me, and I'm bored!! So, without further ado, here are your two questions:

1. What is, or was, your favorite comic strip?
2. And who was, or is, your favorite comic strip character?

My answers:

1. Bloom County, all the way. That comic strip was beyond awesome. IMHO, nothing before or since has even come close to its genius.When Bloom County had its last strip, a bunch of friends of mine all gathered together and threw it a wake. Admission price was five cut out strips. We taped them up all over the wall. Then, ceremoniously, at midnight, Ralph unveiled the final Sunday strip. I was also a huge fan of the 'Life in Hell' strip by Matt Groening (who, of course, went on to fame with The Simpsons), the work of Lynda Barry (Ernie Poo's Comeek), Calvin & Hobbes (Spaceman Spiff forever!) and The Far Side by Gary Larson.

2. My fave character was Hobbes, from Calvin & Hobbes. A more wise and generous soul has never lived, even if he WAS a stuffed tiger!

I had a wee adventure this morning. I got on the 8:30 am bus, got to Fort Totten Metro Station at 8:37 am, walked into the station only to discover that...

I had left my wallet at home.

Yep; no money, no SmartTrip Card. Nada.

And the next bus back wasn't until 8:53. D'oh!

So, I walked all the way home. Took me about a half an hour. By this time, It's 9:07 am, and the next bus to Fort Totten is at 9:15. I grab my wallet, dash up the street, reach the corner only to see the 9:15 bus pull away at 9:10 am.

Next bus isn't until 10:00.


I end up shelling out $5.00 for a cab back to the station (because I'm sorry, but I just don't feel like walking a mile and a half again), and I was 48 minutes late for work.

Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What a lovely way to start my day!

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