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Another NaNo comes to an end...

December 1, 2007 | 12:15 AM

So, here I am, surrounded by Wrimos from the Michigan::Flint and Michigan::Tri-Cities at our joint Final Fandango Write-In. I finished my novel with 14 minutes to spare. I *would* have been done a lot sooner, but the first hour or so was spent with me and two of the guys from the Tri-Cities Region (the Flintstones weren't scheduled to show up until two hours after us Tridgies began, so it was just our region) decided that it was more fun to use YouTube to watch every funny commercial we could ever remember seeing. Which of course led to comedy routines on YouTube. I was laughing so hard I had tears running down my face, but not a lot of words got written during that time. *g*

I also wrote *precisely* 5,000 words today (well, technically yesterday since it is after midnight). Which I think is cool. To end on such a round number. We just called Chris Baty and expressed our appreciation for this wonderful experience. And there was some silliness expressed, too. ;)

And, as I finished the novel, I finished earning my tenth and last badge. It is the Random Ending Badge, which is earned by writing a "gleefully left-field or completely nonsensical ending." And I went for the gusto. My gleefulness is on steroids. I am so thrilled with how far out of left field this ending came. Heh. Oh, and it also completed a Municipal Liaison dare AND our regional bagel dare. And I plundered more real live events. All-in-all (I can use hyphens again--the month is over!), it was a most delicious and gratifying epilogue.

Random Ending Badge

All in all, despite the lack of motivation for the first two weeks, the second half of NaNo treated me well, and I am very excited about that.

Thanks for another wild ride, Chris Baty.

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