Schoolgirl Shamus, Inc. Updates

June 19, 2003

Upgraded webstats program for better site tracking.

June 18, 2003

Four new pages in Photo Album: "ChicagoŚMy Kind of Town" in the Trixie Friends section; "Baby's First Christmas" and "Birthday Girl Lexi" in Alexandria's section; and "Hangin' Out in Michigan" in the Snapshots section.

June 06, 2003

"How We Met" page added to my Wedding Album. Also added a poll to choose my wedding purse!

June 03, 2003

Mega-Maintenance performed to ensure all internal/external links functioning.

June 02, 2003

Schoolgirl Shamus, Inc. branch of Jixemitri has been permanently incorporated into the Services menu at Jixemitri.