Schoolgirl Shamus, Inc. Updates

July 19, 2003

"Runaway": New story in First Impressions Universe debuts in celebration of Schoolgirl Shamus, Inc.'s two year anniversary.

July 15, 2003

First Impressions illustrations from the books added to each story at appropriate scenes.

July 11, 2003

"Short Blurbs" page added in the Un-Universe for "short blurbs" about Trixie—generally short challenges found at the challenge host's website.

July 10, 2003

New disclaimer updated on all pages. I hope Random House will be less likely to sue me since I now solely credit them as the owners of Trixie Belden without references to Western Publishing! I figure it's the least I can do to repay them for re-publishing Trixie. :)

Photo Album sub-menus graphics updated.

July 09, 2003

"Moonlit Enchantment": New story in Sapphire Days Universe debuts. A Jixemitri CWP Special Anniversary #3 submission.

July 06, 2003

Chapter 12 of By the Skinning of Her Knee, Trixie Finds a Mystery: A Jixemitri Anniversary Adventure added to the Un-Universe. This was Mary, Kate's, and my contribution to the Jix authors' group story effort for Jixemitri's Third Anniversary.

July 01, 2003

First Impressions graphics updated on the main page to something I can tolerate! For a little while at least...