Schoolgirl Shamus, Inc. Updates

April 29, 2004

Added second search function on the Site Index to allow visitors to search the entire website or just my TB FanFic.

April 27, 2004

Added search function to Updates blog. Also decided to familiarize myself with the "Export Blog" function so as not to have a heart attack if HostRocket has another glitch!

April 13, 2004

W3C reorganization complete. Cascading and embedded style sheets now in place wherever possible. The site has also undergone some renovations and changes, including a slightly new look for my main pages. Major revisions include:

New graphics: Writings index and story pages (including House of Cards), Photo Album index pages and verbal memories pages, and September 11 Tribute now have updated graphics.

Three new pages in Photo Album: "Tea Party," "Flowers Galore," and "Happy Easter" in Alexandria's section.

Julie Campbell Tatham bio: A brief biography and bibliography of Julie Campbell Tatham has been added to Resources section. This replaces the "Meet the Bob-Whites" page previously found in the resources section.

Pages deleted: My interests page and my Marilyn Monroe Collectors Plates page have been deleted, as well as my gateway page to non-Trixie interests. The information on Janet Lambert and Sports Night are now directly accessible from the About the Author index page. "Meet the Bob-Whites" page has also been deleted.