The Best Laid Plans

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So, it's up in the air as to whether or not we're actually going to get to GO to Michigan for Thanksgiving. And, if we do, Matt has informed me that he will need me to drive so that he can bring a laptop and work on a journal article that his boss just informed him HAS to be submitted by November 30. Which means that all of that wonderful car time I had planned to work on my novel just went out the window.

But, if he can't work on the laptop, then we don't get to go to Michigan at all, and that is NOT an option as far as I am concerned. We were going to take Monday off and drive back then, but now Matt can't, so he wants to leave at midnight Sunday night, drive all night, and then go straight to work. I just don't see myself with a pen light, typing furiously all night long on the ride back, so any NaNoing on the ride back is out, too.

At any rate, I'm just praying that his meeting with the scientific equipment rep goes well this afternoon (Matt can't get the data he needs for the paper until the rep from the company comes out this afternoon to help him), and we're actually going to get to go home. Oy.

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