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Didn't write yesterday. Well, I guess I shold amend that to "didn't NaNo yesterday." I did, however, work about 6 hours on the summary I am doing at work. Brought the laptop home and got a lot done. We've got a lot of writing and editing tasks right now, and when I am writing I can't be reviewing the scientific reports that one other colleague and I are in charge of reviewing. And she's writing a summary, too, so NO ONE is reviewing right now. A Bad Thing. Especially since EPA just put out a call for these reports. We generally get in one or two a day. Last Thursday we got in 17. We're in a bit of trouble. Especially since I have three conference calls and another meeting (in Cincinnati - YUK!) coming up in less than a month and there is the Thanksgiving holiday and the vacation days I am taking to go to Chicago.

So, I took it home. And I was really "in the zone" as far as the summary went, so I didn't switch over to NaNo like I had planned on. But I just knew that I wouldn't be in the NaNo zone, so I belted out as much of the summary as I could. It's almost done.

Of course, now I am REALLY behind on NaNo, because I stopped on Saturday about 1000 words shy of where I should have been. Oy!

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