Trixie's Talking


Honey and Di, not so much. I was able to complete Trixie's portion of the "closing Time" story easily and quickly. Honey and Di's parts are not moving along so easily. Although, Brooke Callahan finally made her appearance. And she's Canadian, too! I was leaning toward Canadian and didn't say a word of that to Matt. I asked him where Brooke should be from. He said Thunder Bay, Ontario. I was leaning toward Toronto, but Thunder Bay worked.

I just hope Di and Honey's parts get easier!


IIRC, both Honey and Di are once again living in the same town as their respective boyfriends. How are they dealing with that? Are they living on campus? How often does each couple manage to get together? Do they practically live together or only meet up on weekends?

I hope they become chattier!

You know, Di's story arc in CLosing Time is 2/3 over and she hasn't even mentioned Mart??!!?!? Let alone seen him. I had all of these places that I was going to add him in, and the story keeps going off in different directions. This does not bode well for Mart! *g* I knew Di was going to drift away from Mart later in Gethsemane, but she seems to be determined to do it early.

Honey is done, but it was like pulling teeth. And, except for going to class, she hasn't spent a second apart from Dan (on canvas) since she moved in to her apartment. Those two are joined at the hip! *g*

As far as Trixie and Jim goes, she's spent about half of her time with him.

It's so weird to see what directions all of these separate storylines are taking!

And Di had better get chattier - after this 4 of the next five stories I am planning to write this month are about her! *g*

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