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...I've decided to do original fiction. That could change, though--despite the fact that it is November 3, and I should have decided already. Had an insanely busy weekend and decided to start writing in earnest today. We'll see what I come up with!

I also just calculated how much I wrote in the last couple of weeks between all of the meeting summaries and the Halloween story. Between October 20 and October 31, I wrote 34,638 words. And two of those days I didn't write anything. So, I basically did 70% of NaNo (wordwise) in one-third of the time. I'm not totally burnt out on writing or anything!

I also got a call at 5:30 pm on Friday asking me to write a summary this week because the person supposed to do it couldn't, and the person who promised to do it for this other person decided at the last minute that she couldn't either. So, I thought I only had one summary to write this week, and now I've got two. I'm sick to death of summaries!

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