Things not to do on November 1

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1. Be gone all day.

2. Start using a new computer for the first time.

3. Start using a new operating system for the first time.

4. Start using a new version of Word for the first time.

5. Forget to transfer all old stories you'll need as reference onto your new computer.

6. Try to get used to a new keyboard.

I'm really being facetious. Yeah, all of that slowed me down (especially the new keyboard), but I will NEVER choose writing a novel over spending time with L, C, A, A, and E, let alone at such an awesome place as Uncle John's Cider Mill. And Windows 7 is actually kinda cool. Word 2007 isn't so bad. And it's not that big of a deal to turn on the old computer and access the old stories (even if it does take nearly a half-hour to boot up). And I really can't complain, because I had all yesterday to get used to this computer and turn it on and do what I needed to do to get ready, and instead I just stared at it. I love my old laptop, and I'm attached to it, and I don't like change. I think all of those factors kept me from playing with my new toy yesterday. Finally last evening after staring at for about 8 hours, I turned it on and went through the start-up wizards that all new computers have, but not 10 minutes after I did that, Susan sent the last part of our Halloween story, and that was infinitely more important so the new laptop got forgotten.

Anyway, all in all, I am happy with what I finally got done (after spending almost two hours procrastinating by answering stuff at the NaNo forums and in NaNo PMs, buying software that I can no longer get from my company but need to do the Jix newsletter, figuring out how my computer's Bluetooth works, and wasting a half-hour only to realize that my scanner is not compatible with my new computer--which is BAD because I scan my timesheet in every month to get paid and without a scanner I am screwed--and buying a new scanner [and on an even further side note, I've now spent more on software and hardware I need than I did on my computer, which is a GOOD computer--WTF?]) once I set my mind to it. I started writing at 10:30 pm and kicked out more than 2500 words by midnight, so it could have been a lot worse. (They're CRAPPY words, but it could have been a lot worse.)

Tomorrow, I will be closer to having what I need on this computer and being more used to it. Plus, I'll be home all day.

Viva la NaNo! *g*

Hope everyone had a productive first day!!!!!!

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